SAN DIEGO — Following several days of rain in San Diego, the city is reporting a lot of potholes have been appearing. The city stated the most impacted roads include, Balboa, Clairemont Mesa, Mira Mesa and roads in Pacific Beach.

An increased number of drivers are hurrying to get their car fixes after a pothole damaged them.

“I’ve hit plenty of potholes, especially out here in California, sadly enough more than even the country-er places where I’m from, I’m from North Carolina, in a small town called Goldsboro,” said Malachi Deveaux, a customer of SD Tire and Wheel Outlet.

Deveaux said he has had to shell out a fair amount for pothole damages to his Dodge Charger. He said he has paid more for new tires than his other car repairs.

“It’s affecting my pockets. I know California has to thrive, but we have to fix these things,” Deveaux said.

Arturo Alvarez, who works in the Sales and Management Department at SD Tire and Wheel Outlet, says they have seen “quite an increase” for pothole damages as six cars were in the shop Wednesday morning.

“Most customers tend to do after market wheels, that tends to damage and tires a bit more. For the part, potholes will break the wheel or pop the tire,” Alvarez said.

The city of San Diego wrote in a statement that:

“Following several consecutive days of rain, the City of San Diego is responding to a spike in the number of potholes on local streets. This week, dozens of additional teams are being assigned to make pothole repairs and the City’s Transportation Department is repurposing other asphalt and concrete crews and equipment to support the work being done by existing patch truck crews.”

Furthermore, “Typically, the City has a daily average of 200 pothole requests to be filled. After the recent storms, the backlog is just above 1,600 reports,” the city writes.

To help with repair cost, drivers can file a claim with the city of San Diego. There is a form online drivers fill out, that includes describing the incident, injuries and why a driver thinks the city is responsible.

The city indicates drivers must do this within six months of the incident. SD Tire and Wheel Outlet said they have helped people through the process. 

“This week around 12. It’s been quite an eventful week for that,” Alvarez said about how many people they have helped work and file a claim with the city.

Click here to view the city’s website for risk management liability information.

The City’s Risk Management Department’s Supervising Public Information Officer, Arian Collins, wrote to FOX 5, “Any claim against the City must be made in writing and be completed in accordance with California Government Code sections 900-915.4. The City’s Risk Management Department will investigate, as they do with all claims filed with the City. Each claim is evaluated on its own merit based on individual facts and circumstances. Most claims must be presented to the Risk Management Department no later than six months after the date of the incident or event. Information about filing a claim with the City is available.”