PINE VALLEY, Calif. – Some parts of San Diego County had a Flash Flood Warning on Sunday that made for dangerous driving conditions.

“It does look kinda bad, that’s why I stopped,” said Tim Patton, a San Diego resident.

Tim Patton was driving back from Tuscon, Arizona, to San Diego on Sunday. He said he takes that drive twice a month to visit family and that he is aware of where to go if the weather gets hazardous.

“I know pretty much every exit, every spot,” Patton said.

He stopped at the Buckman Springs Rest Stop off Interstate 8 after getting a Flash Flood Warning alert on his phone.

“It’s not worth it. I’ll stop, if it gets bad enough, I’ll stop,” Patton said.

Elward explained the weather conditions on Sunday, for the Pine Valley area.

“We had significant amount of rainfall that left a lot of debris, and we had multiple spin-outs on the freeway. There was one vehicle that ended up losing control and rolling on it’s side,” said Alex Elward, a Battalion Chief with the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection.

Fortunately, no injuries were reported according to Elward.

The CalFire official said that when it rains, especially when it has not rained in a while, oils can lift up and make the roads slick.

The chief reminds drivers to pay attention, take it slow, increase their following distance, and have good windshield wipers.

“It’s a great time to service your vehicles so that your tires are in good condition, and your vehicle is ready for inclement weather,” Elward said.