SAN DIEGO — Dozens of students across San Diego Friday rallied for global climate action. Students from Chula Vista to Carlsbad took place at various high schools and colleges during classes or lunch breaks.  

“Our message here is that we are students, we are in school but we can make a difference too,” said Emma Weibel, a junior at La Jolla High School and La Jolla High School Environmental Action Club President.  

Dozens of San Diego County students are putting pressure on policymakers to take forceful climate action by holding global climate strikes at school.  

At La Jolla High School, their Environmental Action Club, led by Weibel, made speeches on campus and then did a walkout before chanting up the street for better visibility.

“To listen to us and give us a livable future, and that means switching to renewables, that means to stop drilling because these are decisions they are making not for themselves, they will be long gone but for us,” Weibel said. 

The global strikes around the county are done in line with “Fridays For The Future,” an international global movement started by Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg.

This Friday, students are rallying intentionally ahead of President Biden attending the UN Summit in New York Sept. 18-19. 

“We want Biden to take very aggressive climate action because we do not have time to waste.”  “We are watching and we are watching for you to make a change, so do it,” Weibel added.  

In Chula Vista, Hilltop High School’s Youth for Sustainable Future Club took their climate rally to their classmates during lunch break. 

“It’s super important that we make it clear to officials how dire it is to action, especially from the youth because we have to deal with the worst effects of climate change,” Costello said. 

Nonprofit San Diego 350 also tagged along with all the student rallies for support.  

“Looking up to the student leaders who are here, speaking their truth about why climate action is so urgent, and why it is not only an environmental issue but it is a social justice issue to protect not only their lives, but the lives of the rest of the and community,” said Lexi Rueff, the San Diego 250 youth coordinator for the South Bay. 

“We are the next voters of the country, and we will prioritize our future, and we will prioritize climate action,” Weibel said.  

Other rallies took place at SDSU, Patrick Henry High School in San Carlos, Mission Bay High School in Pacific Beach, Santana High School in Santee, Torrey Pines High School in La Jolla and Pacific Ridge School in Carlsbad.