SAN DIEGO — A Type-6 Fire truck and other much-needed fire equipment are on their way south to firefighters in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

The equipment will be donated through Operation Southern Blaze, a joint effort between participating American Legion Posts, local fire departments, and non-profit veteran support organization, Convergence. The mission of the operation is to support firefighters in Mexico.

Mark Ford with the nonprofit told FOX 5 that some small fire departments in Mexico don’t often have the money or resources to properly tackle fires.

“Surplus gear for us for our fire departments is essential gear for their fire department,” explained Ford.

In a show of support, fire departments from Washington donated a truck to send to a fire station in Puerto Vallarta, while other groups donated gear and equipment. All of that was packed up in the truck for the trip to Mexico, which passed through San Diego on Sunday.

The donation is something that Puerto Vallarta Fire Chief Gerardo Alonzo Castillon Andrade is very grateful for.

“The gear you’re giving us is very important,” he said to FOX 5. “We have very little of it, and it is vital to help us protect ourselves in the fights against fires.”

After days of travel, the veteran volunteers driving the truck will take it to its next stop along the border on Monday.

“Regardless of the mileage, those guys are like brothers,” said Ford. “Whether they are fire fighters down there (or a) firefighter up here, they are doing the same thing.”