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SAN DIEGO — Some newly posted signs around Fiesta Island are grabbing the attention of dog owners.

The signs urge owners “beware” after a number of dogs reportedly have gone missing over the past several weeks around the middle area of the island. The San Diego Humane Society told FOX 5 it is investigating the reports.

“I used to walk that area quite a bit with my dogs,” dog owner Julie Main said. “Really quiet, enjoyed it myself — as opposed to the open, the area with more dogs. Now, I’m just staying away from that area.”

The warning claims one dog was found covered in glue. Another dog was said to have been poisoned, according to the signs.

Many dog owners who go to Fiesta Island say they prefer the security of the island’s fenced-in dog park, but they’re still concerned.

It’s unclear who posted the signs and some people are questioning the accuracy of the information.

“We are obviously worried — because if that was happening, I think we would have caught wind of it and we’d like to at least debunk it – hopefully it’s untrue,” said a volunteer with Fiesta Island Dog Owners, or FIDO.