SAN DIEGO — San Diego’s sprawling Balboa Park is known for its iconic architecture, many museums and beautiful gardens — but it’s also home to plenty of things even a repeat-visitor might not know about.

That’s the case for many San Diegans with the Rube Powell Archery Range, a golf-like walking course that takes participants around and under the Cabrillo Bridge, shooting a target at each “tee” before moving on to the next “hole.”

Rube Powell is what’s called a “roving” or “walking” range, with as many as 28 targets situated at various distances, ranging from 80 yards to a matter of feet. At some stops, you take multiple shots, sometimes varying the distance slightly or aiming from different positions.

A diagram for one of the archery club’s King Arthur Tournament events gives you some perspective on the golf-like “roving course.” (Photo: San Diego Archers)

Rube Powell is one of two Balboa Park ranges used by the San Diego Archers, a volunteer-run group that’s always welcoming newcomers of varying ability levels to try out the unique experience. You don’t have to be a member or even get a reservation to use the Rube Powell course or the Morley Field Archery Range — the club just asks that you contribute $2 online to help maintain the facilities.

Balboa Park does not have archery rental facilities, like the rentals available at Morley Field Disc Golf for example, but the club has information about buying and renting equipment on its website.

Club historian Jim Baker told FOX 5 that new visitors shouldn’t be intimidated — it’s a very welcoming group. He described his own first experience at the ranges, visiting with a friend and watching a tournament. Next time he came to the park, he was ready to give the course a try, and the first person he walked up to to ask a question guided him through the whole process.

The club also has a new archers’ FAQ and a first-time tournament participant FAQ online.

Tournaments are a huge part of the experience for club members and avid archers. Many of the events held in Balboa Park are recognized by the National Field Archery Association, and competitors track their outcomes in an official capacity.

Others are mostly for fun — including an annual highlight that’s coming up this Sunday. The San Diego Archers’ King Arthur Tournament is one of the club’s biggest draws of the year, with participants donning medieval costumes and taking aim at themed targets throughout the course, from mythical beasts to a large “knight” in a suit of armor. The festive event also features food, drinks and prizes.

Want to visit one of the ranges soon? Baker repeated the invite to aspiring archers and established veterans alike. While the course is always open to the public, he added that getting involved in the club is not costly.

“People assume it would be expensive to join a club,” he said. “But it’s (about) $25 a year, and it’s a $5 discount for each tournament.”