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SAN DIEGO — Authorities seized a staggering 500 pounds of illegal fireworks from a single residence in San Diego County Saturday, also making an arrest, according to officials.

Deputies discovered the large fireworks cache in a garage and shed at a home in the rural Fallbrook area, according to a San Diego County Sheriff’s Department news release. Deputies were in the area because neighbors had complained of hearing fireworks in recent days.

Going about their public information campaign, the deputies stumbled upon a massive stash in plain view.

“They were distributing flyers to inform the community about the dangers of illegal fireworks when they saw an open garage filled with boxes of fireworks,” the department said in a news release.

Detectives with a bomb-arson unit arrived, served a search warrant and started searching the property alongside bomb technicians from the FBI. In the end, they seized an estimated 500 pounds of the explosive items, officials said.

“The garage and shed were near other homes in the neighborhood. An accidental detonation of the fireworks could have resulted in injuries, fire and property damage,” the department wrote.

Deputies arrested 21-year-old Natanael Garcia at the home. He will face charges of possessing more than 100 pounds of fireworks (which is how the alleged crime is classified) and illegally selling fireworks, according to officials.

While some California cities permit “safe and sane” fireworks for personal use, the explosive consumer products are illegal everywhere in San Diego County. Saturday’s bust came just two days before Fourth of July.

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