CARLSBAD, Calif. — The Carlsbad Unified School District voted 5-0 to approve an ethnic film studies class for freshmen in the face of public criticism.

The class will allow 30-35 students to opt in for an intro film studies class focused on Hollywood stereotypes, cultural appropriations and early Hollywood contributions made to the film industry by people of color.

During the board meeting, protesters complained the class was an extension of critical race theory.  

“Teaching children, one is inherently oppressing while the other is inherently oppressed, what does that achieve?” questioned one woman during the public comment section.

The gymnasium was far more crowded than a normal education meeting, and those in favor of the ethnic film class outnumbered those against in public comments.

“Carlsbad values culture, we celebrate that which makes us unique,” said one supporter.

The class will be offered to freshmen in the 2024 school year.