OCEANSIDE, Calif.- A high surf is expected throughout the entire Southern California coast this weekend according to the National Weather Service.  

Surf of three to six feet with local sets up to seven feet and a risk of dangerous rip currents along several San Diego beaches are expected, officials said Saturday.

The swell of high tide comes out of the South-Southwest region, which has caused some heavy conditions for weak swimmers and surfers.  

“The waves on the inside are super heavy — they are forming about three to four feet which is pretty unusual, and they are just super powerful today – so it’s kind of a harder day to learn,” said Carter Buhler, instructor with Surfin Fire.  

For some first timers, the conditions weren’t as smooth.    

“It started out pretty calm but then got a little rougher as it went on,” said Sebastian Becks, vacationing from Canada.    

The conditions are perfect for experienced surfers, however.

“There was a big crowd out in the morning and the waves were crashing pretty cleanly and they had some good lefts, some good swells coming in a nice face,” said Buhler.  

Sgt. Greg Trebbe with the City of Oceanside says if you get caught in a rip current – remain calm.    

“The number one thing is don’t panic, don’t fight the current – if you are a decent swimmer, we recommend swim parallel to shore to swim out of the current and then you can return. If you are not able to get out of it, just float on your back, remain calm and wave for help and someone will come and get you,” said Sgt. Trebbe.

The high surf will stick around until Sunday afternoon.