SAN DIEGO – Happy Father’s Day, San Diego!

In honor of the day all about dads, we asked our FOX 5 viewers to share the best advice, or “dad-vice,” their father has ever given them. In less than an hour, we had received hundreds of comments ranging from hilarious to sweet.

Whether your dad gave you the most insightful piece of knowledge you have ever heard or something silly that has stuck with you over the years, we have something here for everyone.

Below, we have compiled a list of the best comments that our FOX 5 viewers submitted:

There’s no reason not to feel joy every single day


Do housework on the weekdays so you can relax on the weekends


Work ethic, car maintenance, and sense of humor


Never depend on a man to take care of you. Get a career and earn your own money


You are priceless. Never fall for money or diamonds. Know your worth and never settle for less


Don’t share my advice to others


Plan your future so that your past will be happy


Never step on people on your way up the ladder of success because you never know who your gonna need on your way back down


Measure twice and cut once. Work smarter not harder


Do it right, or don’t do it all. Give it back as good if not better then received. Good things will always come back


Always tell the truth regardless of how bad it is


Don’t force it!! whether it be a puzzle piece or a relationship


And of course, the best dad-vice that has ever been given…

Listen to your mother

Dozens of commenters!

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