OCEANSIDE, Calif. — The much-needed rain is creating pothole problems for drivers, but it’s the opposite for tire centers benefiting with lots of business.

Business was booming at “Hal’s Tire Total Care” Monday morning after a storm that brought more than 24 hours of continuous rain to the North County.

Mother nature’s powerful punch left behind flooding, damage from storm surges and huge swells, downed trees and potholes on the street.

“We had three customers this morning (Monday) with bent rims,” said Hal Rastanvan who has owned the Oceanside tire service shop for more than 10 years.  

He said every time it rains he sees an increase in business – people trying to save their tires after running over potholes.

“It’s good on the one hand but it’s not good because our poor people have to come in and spend money and that’s what it is,” Rastanvan said.

Big gaping holes in the asphalt could be seen at places like Vista Way in Oceanside, but by the time people see them – it’s usually too late and the damage to people’s cars can be extensive.

“(It) does damage the car, the spindles, the alignment and the rims,” Rastanvan explained.

Insurance can cover the cost, but most drivers carry a large deductible, but using it can be described as “cost prohibitive.” After that, costs can climb pretty quickly. 

“Oh my God, the minimum cost for tires probably starts at $100 to $250 if not more and the rims probably somewhere between $200 and $900.” 

Ethan Kolasinski has to drive to multiple locations as part of his job.  

Kolanski tells FOX 5 he uses extra caution after a storm because a familiar road can quickly turn into a hazard. 

“You have to be really conscientious. I have to go this way and that (way) to avoid potholes!” Kolanski emphasized.

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The City of San Diego has previously stated that there are more than 1,000 pothole fix requests backlogged.