SAN DIEGO — The family of missing Chula Vista mom Maya Millete has been seeking custody and more visitation from the very beginning of this horrific ordeal.  On Monday, they asked for a trial to force the issue.

The mother of three is presumed dead and her husband, Larry Millete, has been accused of her murder. She was last seen about 19 months ago on Jan 7, 2021. Her estranged husband, was charged with her murder 10 months later, despite her body never being found. 

On Monday, a court appointed guardian for the children requested what is called a 730 evaluation to get a professional psychiatric account of the children’s current emotional state. This is common in family court proceedings, but costly and can take anywhere from three to five months. It was granted. 

The children’s guardian also reported that the kids, who range from kindergarten through middle school, are doing exceptionally well — all considered.  She also said, addressing the maternal family’s request for visitation during the holidays, that the children believe Maya’s family is responsible for their dad being in jail and don’t want to have anything to do with them.  

She said, “I don’t know why they believe that but they do.” And it’s for that reason, the maternal family is requesting a trial. So far, they have been unable to come to an agreement regarding joint custody.