SAN DIEGO – After rain overnight Monday into early Tuesday morning, scattered showers continued Tuesday afternoon into evening as a weak disturbance moves along Southern California, but we’re not out of the woods yet. Ahead of the next round of rain, county workers are doing their part to ensure San Diego can weather the storm.

A stronger storm system is on the way leading to gusty winds and heavy rain particularly in the northern area of San Diego County with lighter rain in areas farther south. Tuesday, Fox 5 followed around the county’s Department of Public Works as crews prepare for what’s to come. “Just getting ready, we don’t know what to expect. We have our plows on, sandbags that we need available, and our tools and equipment that we need to help prepare for the storms,” said Carlos Michel, the road crew supervisor with the Department of Public Works.

Michel and his crew started off their workday gathering up warning signs, gearing up rock plows for debris collection, and lugging sandbags to prevent flooding in problematic areas, with one in particular impacting a small neighborhood in Vista. “We’ve been clearing culverts, there have been leaves, and tree branches in there, mud like the one here.”

Neighbors told Fox 5 certain culverts have been the infamous culprit behind the all-too-common flooded street in front of their homes, making it difficult to head in and out of their community.

“The roads are taking a big hit, so we’ll see a lot of potholes, sinkholes and stuff. We do a lot of inspecting of the culverts of our conveying system, we do a lot of preventative maintenance, shoulder grading, grading cuts so the water can go where it needs to go.” 

Carlos Michel, Supervisor with the San Diego County Department of Public Works

Beginning overnight Wednesday into Thursday, San Diego can expect moderate to heavy rain, especially in the North County, which could lead to more mud and rockslides to come. Until the next round of weather, Michel leaving San Diegans with this last piece of advice:

“Just be careful, if you see any crews working out there, whether it’s us, the state, or the city, just be very careful and go really slow because people don’t know what they’re driving into. It could be a puddle, or it could be a hole.” 

The county’s Flood Control team manages sandbags and erosion control.  Here is the link to the County’s list of sandbag locations. According to the department, people should call before they go to make sure there are supplies available. It is also worth noting, the County only serves the unincorporated area. There are city locations listed on the Office of Emergency Services webpage

There is also an online homeowner assistance center with key information for residents, including those in the fire areas worried about erosion.