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SAN DIEGO – San Diego County public health officials are advising the public on COVID-19 outbreaks at three Awaken Church locations in the county.

On Wednesday, the county expanded its outbreak advisory to include two other locations of the church, at 1760 Descanso Ave. in San Marcos and 861 Showroom Place in Chula Vista. County officials are advising anyone who attended services at those churches between Nov. 15-22 to get tested for COVID- 19.

The county broke its previous policy of not revealing the locations of community outbreaks Saturday by announcing Awaken Church on Balboa Avenue was the site of a community outbreak and asked those who attended in-person services from Nov. 15-22 to quarantine for 14 days and monitor for COVID-19 symptoms.

As of Wednesday, the three outbreaks constitute 64 cases.

The church has continued to hold indoor religious services in violation of county orders. They did not respond to a reporter’s request for comment Wednesday.

Under the state’s purple reopening tier rules, churches only are allowed to open outdoors with modifications.

“For those responsible entities out there, we say thank you,” County Supervisor Nathan Fletcher said. “For other entities that have chosen to act irresponsibly — entities, in particular, like the Awaken Church — (we’ve) been forced to have to share outbreak information because of their lack of cooperation in no defined the members of the congregation about cases there.”

Fletcher added, “We continue to employ the public to recognition is the very real danger of indoor religious services.”