SAN DIEGO -_ Firefighters from all over the county gathered for their brush fire coordinated training, which is now in its 20th year.

The communication preparations and air coordination for rural fire fighting started after the Cedar Fire decimated homes and killed 14 civilians and a firefighter in 2003.

“The fires are just getting more intense in nature and that’s why the term mega fire has started,” said Sonny Seghera, a fire captain from Heartland Fire.

Hand crews pulled lines and helicopters practiced water drops.

“In the Cedar Fire, we try to learn from our mistakes. What went right? What went wrong? Encompass that into this drill and then we kind of teach the fire fighters,” said Seghera.

Over 700 fire fighters are sharpening their tactics while waiting for the fire season to start.

Bomberos, firefighters from Mexico, also participated in the training to learn new brushland fighting skills as well. The training lasts for three days.

Fire experts are reminding the public to clear at least 100 feet from their homes of brush and weeds to help protect their properties before the heat hits this summer.