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SAN DIEGO (CNS) – San Diego City Council voted unanimously Tuesday to overturn the historical designation of a building in the Gaslamp District due to factual errors in the official designation of the building in February.

The building, a one-story “Victorian eclectic” structure at 340 Fifth Ave., initially earned its historical designation on Feb. 27 from the Historical Resources Board.

However, a developer interested in the property — Robert Green on behalf of RGC 4J LLC — filed a claim in March stating there had been factual errors reported to the Historical Resources Board. Those errors include the year the building was constructed — 1886 as opposed to 1888 — its connection to major San Diego figures such as Col. Ed Fletcher and Daniel Reed and its exterior facade, which was erroneously described as fully restored to an original state.

Councilman Scott Sherman, speaking on behalf of Councilman Chris Ward, in whose district the building sits, proposed that the City Council “reverse the determination of the Historical Resources Board on the basis of new information and factual errors as asserted by the appellant.”

Ward, who was recently elected to the California Assembly and is dealing with time commitments related to that position, was absent.

RGC plans to turn the one-story building and adjacent parcels into a six-story building with retail, office space and apartments. The developer plans to preserve the historical facade, according to documents filed with the city.