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UPDATE: Mckanry was readmitted to the hospital early Friday to be treated for an infection that abscessed, his father told FOX 5.

CORONADO, Calif. — A Coronado teen who was shot while trying to sell jewelry returned home from the hospital Wednesday evening.

Jacob Mckanry, 18, was severely injured May 4 after an online jewelry deal went wrong. The Coronado High School senior spent more than a week in the hospital and Wednesday was the first time he was able to see his parents — an emotional reunion for everyone.

Family and friends lined up along 7th Street, holding up signs and shaking pom poms to welcome the football player home.

“I shouldn’t be here right now,” Jacob said. “I really shouldn’t. It should have been impossible for what happened to me to go and pull through this to happen, especially the time that it did.”

He said he was overwhelmed with emotion by the love and support the community showed him. “So unbelievably grateful. I can’t put it into words.”

Jacob was shot just a couple of blocks from his home while trying to sell a gold chain he listed online. His intention was to put that money towards buying a car. Two men attempted to rob him and he was shot in the back. The bullet damaged a lung and his liver, and he was rushed into emergency surgery.

“Every day is pretty much constant pain but seeing the positivity and the comments from people makes it all that much better,” Jacob said. “Just so thankful to be back with my family.”

“To see him in person and give him that first hug was something I’ll never forget,” said Chris Mckanry.

It was a moment some of Jacob’s friends and classmates will also cherish for years to come. “Even though he was taken down, he’s just back, back strong again, which is totally like him,” Cole Mullins said.

And while it may take time for him to make a full recovery, Jacob reflects on what he plans on doing while recovering at home. “For me, holding the hand of my mom, petting my dogs and making jokes with my dad. Just enjoying everything life has to offer.”

Jacob is a senior and his father tells us he plans on going to a community college in Santa Barbara before transferring to a university. As for an update in the investigation, Coronado police are still actively searching for the two men who shot Jacob.