Coronado park temporarily closed with officials citing heavy use during pandemic


CORONADO – The City of Coronado and The Port of San Diego closed the Grand Caribe Shoreline Park Thursday until further notice, citing public health orders during the ongoing pandemic.

The port had reopened the park in May, but because of heavier-than-usual use at the park โ€” which abuts Chula Vista on the bayside of the Coronado Cays โ€” it has become challenging to enforce social distancing for visitors.

Nearby residents say the area typically is serene, but that has changed in recent weeks, particularly on weekends.

“What I saw was people enjoying themselves and having a great time, but it is difficult when people get together to continue to social distance โ€” you know, you forget,” resident Dawn Richards said.

In a statement, the Port of San Diego said social distancing “has become a challenge.” But Richards said there were other issues with the use of the park, too.

“The problem was that people did not know all the rules about no fires, no alcoholic beverages, there was a problem with litter, people launching boats, which is not allowed here,” she said.

The park will be closed until gatherings are allowed without restrictions. “Closed” signs will be posted at the park, and the Coronado Police Department will assist the port with enforcement of the closure.

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