Coronado mayor urges Newsom to reconsider regional stay-at-home order


CORONADO, Calif. – On the first day of the California’s new regional stay at home order, Coronado Mayor Richard Bailey is looking to get Gov. Gavin Newsom’s attention.

Coronado Mayor Richard Bailey sent a letter Monday to Gov. Gavin Newsom, urging the governor to reconsider the recent regional stay-at-home orders in Southern California.

Mayor Bailey sent a letter to the governor Monday, laying out what he disagrees with in the latest order. He’s urging state officials to come up with a better approach.

“I think if our objective is to slow the spread of the virus, we should be looking at areas that are contributing to the spread,” said Bailey.

Specifically, Bailey argues there’s no data to support closing playgrounds or outdoor dining at restaurants.

“If the public health experts and the data all say that dining outside is relatively safe and we’re not seeing large rates of transmission in outdoor dining settings… why would we shut them down?” he said.

In the past week, San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer and Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez, D-San Diego, also have called on Newsom to develop a plan to keep playgrounds open.

Bailey argues some employees have been let go multiple times this year as a result of shifting guidelines.

In addition to ending access to outdoor playgrounds and outdoor dining, Bailey also questioned why San Diego County is being combined with those much farther away when considering hospital ICU capacities.

“Neighboring counties, it makes sense to take into account with their hospital capacity looks like because of course we all want to be in a position to offer mutual aid to one another,” he said. “However to lump in San Diego County with counties as far away as Mono, which is a county actually physically closer to the state of Utah, Nevada and also Oregon than it is to San Diego County, doesn’t really make a lot of sense.”

Ultimately, Bailey says it’s not about opening completely and recklessly, nor is it about keeping everything tightly locked down. He hopes the solution is somewhere in the middle.

Newsom has not yet responded to his letter, he said.

“We can allow businesses to safely isolate with precautions in place and they’ve certainly demonstrated a willingness and eagerness to do so,” Bailey said. “We can also protect lives by simply emphasizing best practices, instead of this inconsistent and arbitrary approach that I think the public is certainly growing weary of.”

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