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CORONADO – The annual Coronado Independence Day parade returned to Orange Avenue in roaring fashion Saturday after being cut last year during the height of the pandemic.

“It’s really everyone coming together, a time of healing and a time of getting back to our lives the way we were before, but even better,” said Laura Wilkinson, a parade-goer.

Organizers said those walking in the parade hit record numbers this year.

“We’ve actually got 109 entries, which is larger than 2018 and 2019,” said Todd Tanghe, president of the nonprofit Coronado Fourth of July organization.

While annual parade-goers say crowds don’t seem quite as big as years past it was still one of the largest gatherings they’ve seen in a while, and it was all to celebrate Independence Day.

“This parade was really about America and our communities coming together whether we’re democrats or republicans or independents or whatever, we’re all Americans here, we’re all Coronadans,” said Wilkinson.

“I think it’s important she knows its happy birthday America along with Juneteenth, which is now a holiday which is really awesome,” said Alexa Smith while watching the parade with her daughter.