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CORONADO, Calif. — A woman who was among more than a dozen people robbed during a brazen weekend crime spree in Coronado shared the harrowing details with FOX 5 Wednesday.

Kristen Moore says she and a friend were robbed at gunpoint around the same time that a string of other crimes occurred in the typically idyllic coastal community Saturday. But Moore believes that she was robbed by a different man, based on the description released by authorities, and thinks they may have been working together.

Moore says she has been coming to Coronado for many years, to sit and relax by the water and enjoy the view. Saturday night was no different for her, until a man approached them and struck up a seemingly casual conversation.

“He just made small talk. He asked, ‘It’s nice out, right?’ I was like, ‘Yeah.’

“He was like, ‘You don’t get this view here in Oceanside.’ I was like, ‘Oceanside? You have the pier.’ He was like, ‘Yeah, but when you see that view all the time it’s not the same.’”

Then the interaction took a bizarre and menacing turn. Moore says she offered the man a drink, but he took one sip and threw it in the water. Then he put a glove on his left hand.

“I thought he was going to start fighting my friend, that is what it looked like, but no, he flashed his waist, we saw the gun and he said, ‘Alright, so where is your wallet and keys.’”

The single mother of two says she complied with the gunman’s commands because all she could think about was her two girls.

“My youngest is two and my oldest is five, they are still little, you know. I thought, ‘If they wouldn’t have me, they really don’t have anybody else besides my sisters,’” Moore said.

She says her friend was able to throw his wallet and phone in the bushes and she was able to hide her keys between her legs. She didn’t have her wallet, because she had left it in the car.

Moore says the man started to check her friend’s pockets, then started to check inside Moore’s shirt. Asking for their valuables, he pointed the gun to her friend’s waist.

“When he did have (the gun) closer to me, I was like, ‘OK this is it, he is going to shoot me’ and I was terrified. I just froze up,” Moore said.

“I just made sure I did what he wanted, to try to make the situation die down and not get worse,” Moore said.

Eventually the gunman threw her phone in the water, told them to turn around and walk towards the bushes. The man then ran, Moore said.

According to Moore, the gunman she interacted with did not have tattoos on his face, which were described by the other victims in interviews with police.

As he ran away, she heard him call to someone else, “Let’s go!” Moore and her friend ran and found another couple near the water, and told them to leave because they had just been robbed.

Moore filed a police report and the robbery, along with the day’s other incidents, remain under investigation. No arrests have been announced.

The Coronado Police Department has confirmed that two additional victims were robbed at gunpoint Saturday, bringing the official total to thirteen victims.

In posts on their Facebook page about the crime-spree, CPD said the spree started with a gunman robbing seven people at Centennial Park, then robbing a woman at the ferry landing parking lot, hitting her in the head with his gun. The gunman then robbed three additional people, according to police. Officials made no mention of an accomplice.