CORONADO, Calif. — The battle over court space between tennis and pickleball players continues in the San Diego region, this time in Coronado.

Tuesday evening Coronado City Council heard arguments from both groups and voted on a short-term plan to accommodate both sports in the Crown City.

Current options for pickleball are limited to a converted tennis court at Cays Park that allows for four courts or at a nearby resort.

“Although pickleball can be played at the Marriott, it is dramatically more expensive. Almost five times more expensive than in the Cays,” said Bridget Stoll.

Bill Huck asked council to consider converting three of the five courts at Cays Park to pickleball courts.

Cays Park appeared to boast the most space, so council voted unanimously to approve a short-term plan that includes:

  • Keeping the single converted tennis court at Cays Park
  • Making 4 more pickleball courts on the nearby basketball court at Cays Park
  • Working on lighting for at least one court
  • Resurfacing a court

“I think the court should remain temporary for now, but it’s time for us to allow the pickleballers to find the appropriate location for their courts,” said David Waller.

As part of council’s vote, they also agreed to keep having city staff look at the master plan for Cays Park, in hopes of finding a long-term solution or space for pickleball.