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SAN DIEGO — Don’t fret if you saw some serious military hardware rolling through the streets of San Diego — it was headed downtown for Fleet Week.

The San Diego Police Department helped escort the equipment from Marine Corps Air Station Miramar to the Broadway Pier downtown Wednesday afternoon.

The police escort met the Marine convoy on Interstate 5 near Interstate 8, officials said. From there, they headed south to Front Street and then rolled through downtown toward the pier on Broadway.

“The SDPD escort has become somewhat of a tradition over the past years,” said Larry Blumberg, Fleet Week San Diego’s executive director, “and is yet another reflection of the great support that the City provides to the Military in San Diego.

“It also makes a lot of sense, since it really facilitates the flow of all that heavy equipment through the streets of Downtown San Diego.”

Fleet Week runs from Nov. 4 to Nov. 11 at the pier and Port Pavilion on the Embarcadero. It features displays of military equipment, high-tech demos, tours of active duty Navy and Coast Guard ships, live music, food and other activities. It culminates with a Veterans Day Boat Parade on Thursday, Nov. 11.

You can learn more about the scheduled events on the Fleet Week website.