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CARLSBAD, Calif. — The largest Crunch Fitness in California is closing its doors for good.

Employees from the Carlsbad gym raised awareness about the closure after they say corporate managers were slow to tell their roughly 8,000 members about it.

“Pretended like business, like nothing was happening, and what I’ve been doing, and what most of my coworkers are doing, is telling people. But the problem is, we can only tell people who come to the gym,” said a gym employee who declined to be named. 

Another employee, who declined to be named, said “the people who you looked up to like management” are making the situation more about them.

“(They) say it’s just business, but it’s not business, because people come to the gym for a safe spot,” the employee said.

Members were frustrated and heartbroken over losing their gym. 

“A couple people have said, ‘I just signed up, I’ve just signed up. Wait, they are closing? Are they still signing people up? I hope not,’” said Chantal, a member from the gym.

“I would have wanted them to tell me so I could have canceled my membership or transfer it to a different Crunch, if that’s what they wanted us to do,” said gym member CJ Clark.

Corporate leaders for Crunch declined to admit they were closing at first, but later confirmed they were going to send out a message to all members and employees March 28.

Crunch Corporate released this statement:

“We are committed to serving the fitness needs for our SD community throughout the other Crunch locations. Unfortunately, we have not been able to reach an agreement with our landlords that will keep us in our current location. Our memberships and training agreements are transferable but in the event a member is requesting a refund we will follow our process, which includes transfer option as well as honoring a refund if applicable.”