SAN DIEGO — San Diego County Board of Supervisors’ Jim Desmond attended a closed hearing for sexually violent predators and said he learned a little bit more on the conditions that SVP Michael Martinez will be released upon.

A judge has already approved Martinez to move into a home in Borrego Springs on Running M Road, but on Friday, the move-in date was pushed back to an estimate of Sept. 16 from Sept. 9.

Neighbors said they have been eager to hear what conditions Martinez will be subject to and if he will be allowed to leave his home on Running M Road. There are children that live two houses down and the mother said she is concerned when FOX 5 spoke to her after Martinez’ placement was approved.

“Everybody is worried, what do I do, when do I call the sheriff’s, when do I not,” said Lee Rogers, who owns a home in Borrego Springs.

According to San Diego County District Attorney, the request to publish and release the terms and conditions of Martinez’s release to the public were denied by Judge Gill.

“The contractor (Liberty Health Care) asked to extend that date to September 16 to resolve some issues related to code enforcement (un-permitted garage) and a clause in the landlord’s mortgage documents,” Steve Walker, the communications director for the San Diego County District Attorney, said in an email Friday. “It’s anticipated that both issues will be resolved by September 16.”

Martinez was diagnosed as a pedophile with personality disorders, according to the San Diego County District Attorney. He was convicted four times between 1979 and 2004 in San Diego and Los Angeles counties. In separate cases, he was charged with child molestation and other crimes against underage victims.

“Today, we received word that SVP Martinez will be placed in Borrego Springs on September 29. Also, we found out that he will be able to pick up his mail, at the post office in the middle of town. This is disturbing for the entire community and another consequence of an SVP,” Desmond said in a tweet.

“My office is continuing to try and work with State officials to change the laws on the book and house these predators on State prison grounds. While he may not “re-offend” again, the new victims for SVP Martinez become the families and the community that lives in fear.”

Sarah Rogers, who has a home in Borrego Springs and is part of an SVP task force, is also concerned.

“Today it’s in one of our two neighborhoods, tomorrow its somewhere else,” Rogers said. “People know each other and it doesn’t matter what walk of life you’re from, everybody goes to the grocery store, everyone waves to each other, it’s a great equitable kind of place to be and we hate to see that disturbed by a predator being placed there.”

The Rogers said they will not stop fighting against the placement of SVP’s in their neighborhoods.

In another case in Borrego Springs, The Department of State Hospitals is recommending the conditional release of 79-year-old Douglas Badger to a home on Zuni Trail in Borrego Springs, but no decision has been made yet. The placement was the subject of protests earlier this month.