SAN DIEGO — Community activists held a news conference Thursday raising questions about the shooting involving law enforcement that killed a woman suspected of stabbing a San Diego police officer. The Alliance of Chinese Americans San Diego is calling for an independent investigation.

Members of the nonprofit organization are demanding answers from the sheriff’s department. They say Dr. Yan Li should still be alive today.

“We demand transparency with each investigation, demand answers and justice,” said Sunny Rickard, with the Alliance of Chinese Americans San Diego.

Community members posted up signs in protest against the psychiatrist’s death.

Last month, a deputy was trying to serve Li with an eviction notice but the confrontation escalated. Body-worn camera footage shows the deputy encounter with Dr. Li, who was armed with a knife.

“Why did the police and deputies force their way into Dr. Li’s residence and force a confrontation which led to her death before mental health professionals arrive at the scene,” Rickard said.

Organizers say a neighbor named James Dean also sent a letter to the police department, criticizing the use of force. They read his letter aloud.

“I repeatedly told them, they needed a psychologist first and to not use force as the only solution,” read Jeff He, with the Alliance of Chinese Americans San Diego.

The sheriff’s department says Dr. Li stabbed an officer, then three deputies and a San Diego police officer shot her.

“If a PERT team was there, it would’ve never happened,” He read.

FOX 5 reached out to the sheriff’s department. Deputies say the case is being investigated by San Diego police, so it would be inappropriate for them to comment at this time.