SAN DIEGO — Domestic violence victims were remembered at the “Light up the Night,” gathering Wednesday in Bonita.

Community leaders and public services came together to support victims of domestic violence.

Survivors and government officials held a forum to discuss violence at home. Experts shared best practices on how to spot abuse and toxic behavior.

“The individual is so controlling that they don’t allow you to contact your friends or your associate with your friends or with your family. They will tell you what to wear,” said Chula Vista police chief Roxana Kennedy.

Survivors of domestic abuse shared their stories, and tried to take the stigma out of such a taboo topic.

“You just have to say to yourself I’m done, and just know there are so many resources out there, as much as you think there isn’t, they’re going to get that help,” said Cynthia Hildalgo, a domestic violence survivor.

Just last year, 14 people were killed in San Diego and experts say if you are living with a partner who is terrifying, consider contacting Health and Human services with the County of San Diego.