SAN DIEGO — There’s good news for the those in Little Italy who have dealt with numerous instances of disturbance in the area of the County Administration Center.

Structures located at 805 W. Cedar St. and 1560 California St., located next to the fire station, will be demolished following an agreement between the property’s owner and city attorney Mara Elliott’s office.

The property has been the center of an enforcement action taken by the city attorney’s Nuisance Abatement Unit after a civil complaint was filed against the owners. In that complaint, the legal team detailed four years worth of law enforcement activity at the site.

From Jan. 1, 2019, to Feb. 5, 2023, the city attorney’s office said the San Diego Police Department responded to 44 calls for service in response to reports of disturbing the peace, narcotics sales and use, and trespassing. 

On top of those disturbances, the city attorney’s office also explained that the San Diego Fire-Rescue Department has frequently responded to site to extinguish fires, shut down illegal burns, and to provide medical aid to transients. This even included responding to a death that occurred on the property.

“The property at 805 W. Cedar and 1560 California St. is located in one of San Diego’s most vibrant communities,” said Elliott. “Sadly, this property had become an eyesore and a safety threat, with San Diego Police frequently responding to reports of crimes being committed at the site. This agreement will put an end to that activity, so that our neighbors and visitors can once again frequent this neighborhood without fear.” 

The attorney’s office said the property owners have agreed to the following in order to settle the case:

— Demolish the vacant buildings.

— Pay $3,994 in investigative costs and $200,000 in civil penalties.

— Keep the property free of trash.

— Board and secure the structures pending the demolition.

— Hire a security guard to patrol the premises to remove unauthorized individuals.

“Our quality of life in San Diego depends on creating neighborhoods where everyone can thrive,” said Elliott. “The highly specialized team of attorneys and support staff assigned to our Community Justice Division and Nuisance Abatement Unit (NAU) work hard every day to address quality of life issues within our city.”

A date for demolition on the property has not been announced at this time.