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SAN DIEGO — As police search for the person who shot a 16-year-old in the face after a party near San Diego State University over the weekend, residents are voicing their frustrations about the activities that are happening in the area.

Police say the victim, who is recovering in the hospital, was walking down the street with a companion near the 2300 block of Baja Drive when the teen was shot. According to neighbors, a late-night party became unruly and a fight broke out, resulting in the shooting.

Residents also said several parties and a lot of fireworks were happening Saturday night, so many didn’t know someone was shot until officers raced to the neighborhood.

“Neighbors described it as like hundreds of kids running down the street trying to get away after they heard the gunshot,” SDSU student Erik Alcala said.

Alcala, who lives down the street from the house where the shooting took place, said the night was “surreal.”

“We turned the corner and you just see this entire street filled with cops,” he added.

On campus at SDSU, the freshmen class are back as in-person learning began for thousands of students Monday.

One neighbor, who told FOX 5 they wanted to remain anonymous, described parties in the area as “loud” and “drunk.” The resident said the house that hosted the party where the shooting took place was an immediate problem from the beginning.

“That house was recently moved into by students about a week-and-a-half ago, and about an hour after they moved in, they started having large parties,” the neighbor said.

SDSU says they’ve already reached out to several houses and drawn up cease and desist orders for parties in that area. Detectives say the shooting remains an ongoing investigation.