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Coffee culture: San Diego roaster shares a cup with Ukraine

SAN DIEGO — A pair of local coffee roasters took their love for community to greater heights by traveling over 6,000 miles as a show of support for fellow roasters in war-torn Ukraine.

Eric Dobbs, CEO of Seven Seas Roasting Co., along with Master Chef and collaborator Marco Maestoso, dedicated a specialty coffee blend to fundraising efforts to provide financial aid and medical supplies to one of their own.

After a three-month campaign in partnership with other local San Diego businesses, Seven Seas Roasting Co. raised $10,000 to support One Love Coffee Roasting in Kyiv. The duo decided to personally deliver those funds in an effort to uplift someone within their industry who’s most in need.

“It’s really nice to know that people outside of the Ukraine still care about what’s going on here,” said Vladimir Zadiraka, owner of One Love Coffee Roasting.

From left to right: Marco Maestoso( Chef and collaborator at Seven Seas Roasting Co.); Yura Sirosh (Second in Command at One Love Coffee); Eric Dobbs (CEO Seven Seas Roasting Co.); Vladimir Zadiraka (Owner of One Love Coffee). (Photo provided by Seven Seas Roasting Co.)

As war continues to impact the city of Kyiv, Zadiraka has vowed to keep his business open and even provide free coffee for those in the area.

San Diego’s Seven Seas Roasting Co. has shed light on the positive influence of coffee culture in communities both near and far.