SAN DIEGO — Attention surfers, swimmers and beach dwellers: San Diego County health officials have released an updated list of beach advisories and closures.

Before you haul your board and flippers down to the ocean, make sure you check to see if the beach you are going to is safe to enter.

The updated list, which was released Saturday, shows a total of three advisories and four closures along the San Diego coast.

What is an advisory when it comes to beaches, and how are closures determined?


A beach advisory, according to health officials, is issued to warn beachgoers of the following:

— When ocean or bay water sample results exceed state health standards due to high bacteria levels (known as a Bacterial Exceedance Advisory).

— When Department of Environmental Health and Quality (DEHQ) determines there is a potential for elevated bacteria due to dredging, lagoon opening or other sources in the vicinity of coastal areas (known as Precautionary Advisory).

How is this determined? Health officials monitor water quality by using bacterial indicators to test for the presence of possible pathogens.

According to the county, the bacterial indicators are not specific to humans and may be from other sources, including wildlife, pets, soils and rotting vegetation like kelp.

“Ocean or bay waters with elevated bacterial indicators may contain human pathogens that can cause illnesses,” the county explained.

When an advisory is issued, DEHQ directs beach users to avoid contact with ocean and bay waters in the affected area.


As far as a beach closure, health officials determine this when a sewage spill or chemical spill impacts ocean or bay waters.

Sewage or chemical contaminated water may contain chemicals or human pathogens that can cause ill health, the county explained.

During a beach closure, DEHQ directs beach users to avoid contact with ocean and bay waters in the closure area.

Affected Beaches

As of Saturday, Nov. 4, the county has issued an advisory for Mission Bay North Cove, Jolla Cove Beachline, and La Jolla Children’s Pool.

That same update listed these closures:

— Imperial Beach Shorelines (ocean shoreline from the south end of Seacoast Drive to Carnation Avenue)

— Silver Strand Shoreline (ocean shoreline from Carnation to Avenida Lunar)

— Coronado (Avenida Lunar)

— Tijuana Slough Shoreline (ocean shoreline from U.S./Mexico border, including Border Field State Park and the Tijuana Slough National Wildlife Refuge)

More information on water contamination in San Diego County can be found here.

Don’t let the beach vibes be contaminated, head to one of several San Diego beaches with waters safe for wading into.