SAN DIEGO — A full moon — a blue supermoon — was seen in the sky Wednesday night, creating wonder and worry over Mission Bay.

“It’s about a once every 10-year thing, but what really makes it special is it’s a full moon and it’s just about as bright a moon as you are going to see,” said Professor Douglas Lenard from SDSU Astronomy.

The supermoon label is placed on the moon as it orbits close to earth and the blue moon label happens with there are two full moons in a single month.

The full moon is also causing extreme tides and light flooding in the Mission Bay Area and the Women’s Club has flooded twice this month already.

The silent tide has been keeping neighbors on their toes, filling sandbags and diverting the tides.

No major damage was reported as the tide was posted at a 7.3 at 9:25pm.

For those who didn’t catch the blue moon Wednesday night, you’ll have to wait until 2037 to see the next blue supermoon.