SAN DIEGO — It was a sight to see for one photographer whose creative instincts led him to the Scripps Pier last week.

Vishwas Lokesh narrated a “fleeting moment” between a sea lion and bait ball, which he captured on video while filming San Diego’s coastline on the north side of the Scripps Pier.

San Diego Magazine described it as “a little pas de deux of the food chain.”

The local photographer says he actively seeks out these scenarios, diligently checking the webcams mounted on Scripps Pier multiple times a day for instances of marine life.

On Monday, “some fascinating fin activity” caught Lokesh’s eye. He says it was appearing in circular in motions.

“I presumed it to be dolphins maneuvering around a bait ball. Without hesitation, I quickly adjusted my plans and sprinted towards the coast, fully aware that it might end before my arrival,” he recounted.

Upon his arrival to the area, Lokesh says there were no signs of marine activity. After about an hour of sea gazing, the photographer was preparing to leave when he suddenly spotted movement in the ocean.

Lokesh says he quickly navigated his drone over the blue waters where a sea lion seemed to be performing “a modern dance” with a bait ball, or a tightly packed fish swarm that moves in a spherical formation.

The movement of these fish swarms has been described as a “last-ditch” to avoid predators — in this case, the hungry sea lion.

Lokesh shared the video in an Instagram post for all to see.

When asked what draws him to capturing coastal San Diego, Lokesh attributed his passion to the “calming nature of the oceans.” He explained that even just a few moments at the coast uplifts his mood.

“As a photographer, I love to capture unique fleeting moments and there’s no better place to do that than the ocean,” said Lokesh. “I’m grateful and consider myself incredibly fortunate to have the privilege of experiencing it so often.”

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