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LEMON GROVE, Calif. — Two fellow pastors flew to San Diego to support the family of a local clergyman who was shot and killed at his family home this week.

Rev. Noah Shepherd, 29, was shot as he entered the house through a back door July 12. Shepherd’s wife, Gabriela, called 911 and said she accidentally shot her husband thinking he was an intruder. She was initially arrested, but on Thursday, authorities announced that she would not face criminal charges in the killing.

Amid the tragedy, two friends and fellow pastors flew to San Diego to support the family. Like Shepherd, they are part of the Reformed Presbyterian Church.

“Noah was a true pastor. His last name is fitting with his character, he was a true shepherd,” Pastor Colin Samul, from the church’s Great Basin congregation in Reno, Nevada said.

“He was a humble man with a servant’s heart, wanting to help people as he could,” Pastor Ryan Hemphill, from Treasure Valley congregation in Boise, Idaho said.

The two pastors flew in the same night as the shooting to offer any help they could.

A fundraiser to cover funeral and other expenses for the family has been set up and Pastors Hemphill and Samul asked the community to pray for the family.

“We know and believe that God is sovereign and that he works all things together for the good of those who love him, and are called according to his goodness — and that doesn’t mean that it always makes sense to us,” Samul said. “We’re just creatures. We’re here for a finite amount of time, we have a finite understanding, but we know that we can trust in God through the pain.”