SAN DIEGO — The City of San Diego is planning to move hundreds of homeless people who are currently living in Golden Hall.

The city hall complex has been used as a temporary shelter, but officials say it cannot continue as a long-term solution.

The relocation process is expected to begin sometime in May, a city spokesperson told FOX 5.

David Santiago, who has been living in Golden Hall for the last seven months, is uncertain of where he will live come May.

“They just said to be prepared because they are going to relocate us but they don’t know where,” Santiago said.

On Tuesday, the city announced they would be relocating the hundreds of residents from the Civic Center Plaza facility in downtown San Diego because the shelter had been operating under a temporary permit and was not equipped to be a long-term solution.

Father Joe’s Villages operates the current shelter, which houses 324 men, 137 families and 46 teenagers. The families are expected to be relocated to a hotel in Barrio Logan that was recently leased by the city.

“We need to do a better job at keeping people housed so that they don’t fall into the streets,” said Deacon Jim Vargas, President of Father Joe’s Village.

Homeless advocate Michael McConnell said the city’s decision is not helping fix the growing homeless problem in San Diego.

“There is no game plan coming out of the mayor’s office about the homelessness crisis,” McConnell said. “Seems like they are shuffling people from one spot to another.”

The families in Golden Hall will be the first group to be relocated, according to the city. The men and teenage occupants will remain at Golden Hall until another location is secured.

Father Joe’s Village says none of the current residents of Golden Hall will be displaced form the move.