SAN DIEGO — The City of San Diego said they had more than 1,000 outstanding pothole repair requests as of Monday.

This comes after several rain events in the region, which is a cause for potholes.

When water seeps through the roadway, it loosens the asphalt and as cars drive on it, a pothole is created, according to Anthony Santacroce, a public information officer with the City of San Diego.

“It leaves potholes that can be damaging to cars and just cause problems on our roadways so we want to make sure that we are getting those fixed as soon as possible,” said Jose Ysea with the City of San Diego.

Santacroce said it will be all hands on deck to fix the more than 1,000 potholes reported to the city. He said their nine trucks can at least fill 30 potholes each in one day, which adds up to more than 270 potholes filled in one day.

Santacroce said crews prioritize the severity of the pothole and the request received, but will also fill them as they drive by them.

“Report the potholes when you see them have some patience and understanding,” Santacroce said.

Crews with Caltrans spent Monday preparing for another round of rain by clearing drains and repairing potholes.

“We were out today (Monday) along on SR-94 repairing potholes we had a large crew doing that,” Hayden Manning with CalTrans said in an interview with Fox 5 Monday. “Every pothole is important to us.”

To file a pothole report with the City of San Diego, click here. To file a claim after damage to your car from a pothole in the City of San Diego, click here. To file a pothole report with Caltrans, click here.

Manning said Caltrans is repairing the potholes on roads they service as fast as possible but asks for patience from the community as they are planning repairs around the rain as well.

The City of San Diego said it can typically repair a pothole within nine days of receiving a request, but it will be longer as city crews chip away at the backlog.