SAN DIEGO — New framework was unveiled Tuesday that looks to add greater protections for San Diego renters, Mayor Todd Gloria’s office said in a press release.

The mayor and Sean Elo-Rivera, the president of the city council, collaborated to create the reform’s structure which aims to prevent homelessness and displacement.

The framework incorporates input from residents, tenants and housing providers, the mayor’s office explained.

“The data is clear: more people are falling into homelessness than in years past, requiring policy reforms at the local level that will help keep roofs over San Diegans’ heads as well as connect people to more affordable housing,” said Gloria. “I’m confident that this framework will help us take the necessary steps to protect renters from wrongful terminations, provide clarity and consistency to our rental housing stakeholders and prevent people from falling into homelessness.”

According to the local leaders, the reform is meant to enhance transparency, consistency and equity in San Diego’s rental housing market by providing resources, new services and more.

Breakdown of the tenant protections framework

-Changes would include additional noticing to renter, plus confirmation of the definitions for “No Fault” and “At Fault Termination of Tenancies” so that the terms and definitions are clear to both renters and rental housing providers.

-Assistance opportunities for renters and rental housing providers to address issues that could result in wrongful terminations, plus relocation assistance or rent waivers, property exemption and defined requirements on major issues.

-Exploration of a long-term revenue stream in conjunction with rental housing providers to expand support, resources and opportunities for the city’s rental housing stakeholders, both renters and providers.

-New services and resources for seniors and disabled individuals, as defined by the Fair Housing Act, that make it easier to find rental housing.

-Development of new renter resources related to noticing, online resources and partnerships with not-for-profits.

The leaders also want to include added protections such as additional relocation assistance beyond the requirements and additional time for renters to remedy violations that may be causes for eviction, the mayor’s office explained.

“San Diegans who are paying their rent and following the rules need and deserve protections that will provide them with the housing security necessary for a stable life,” said Elo-Rivera. “The provisions agreed upon will provide renters more security while offering rental housing providers with clear and equitable parameters as we reduce unnecessary tenant removals and help prevent people from falling into homelessness. I look forward to bringing these strengthened protections to city council as soon as possible.”

The mayor’s office expects an amended ordinance to be drafted and considered by the city council in early 2023.