SAN DIEGO — San Diego City Council on Monday voted to sue SeaWorld San Diego for unpaid rent, late fees and interest that the company owes to the City of San Diego, according to a city official.

Council President Sean Elo-Rivera (District 9) released a statement saying, “Despite publicly touting record revenues as recently as last week, SeaWorld continues to refuse to pay the over $12 million they owe the City in past due rent, penalties and interest.”

Elo-Rivera added that he is “glad the City has drawn a line in the sand and is demanding SeaWorld pay us what they owe us.”

“Multibillion dollar corporations do not deserve special treatment and the millions of dollars SeaWorld is wrongfully withholding from the City could greatly benefit the people of San Diego. It’s time for SeaWorld to pay up,” he said. 

FOX 5 reached out to SeaWorld for a statement regarding the matter.

“While as a matter of policy we don’t comment on potential litigation, we have enjoyed a long relationship with the City and remain hopeful that we can resolve this matter,” the theme park said. “We have partnered with the City for nearly 60 years – conducting thousands of animal rescues, numerous recycling drives and many other events. We also have paid more than $146 million in lease payments to the City of San Diego since 2010. We appreciate all the City has done and we look forward to addressing this situation.”