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SAN DIEGO — The city has secured a permit that allows for the temporary seasonal closure of Point La Jolla.

A portion of Point La Jolla at Ellen Scripps Browning Park will be closed from Aug. 11 until Sept. 15 to protect sea lions during pupping season, a sensitive period of time when sea lions are born and learn to swim.

The city said the closure will also protect the public from harm that can happen when sea lions, especially nursing mothers, become aggressive. They can cause bodily injury when they feel threatened by visitors that get too close.

City leaders said last week that they would seek the emergency coastal development permit allowing for the closure, a move locals also supported after seeing people getting too close to wildlife.

“Even in the evening, you see people trying to go up and get selfies inside of their personal area,” Johnathen Hayes said. “It’s prohibited, but you’ll see a lot of tourists and travelers go over there and try and take pictures and try and tease and harass the sea lions and so that’s kind of a shame.”

The affected area is made up of sand and bluffs and is bordered by the beach access stairs to the north, the concrete wall along the boardwalk to the east, and a plastic barrier to the south located approximately 25 feet from the end of the metal railing along Boomer Beach.