SAN DIEGO — The San Diego Police Department’s Smart Streetlights program was pitched to the privacy advisory board Thursday.

In a vote 6-2, the board recommended studying the surveillance program for an extra 90 days before making a recommendation.

The program is looking to place 500 street light cameras in areas with the most crime costing roughly $4 million.

Concerned citizens lined up to lodge their complaints about what they see as a major invasion of privacy.

“Where I currently live, there is a street light on either side of the exit on the complex, so I have no way of exiting my house without passing by a camera,” said Erin Grassi.  

Police officers say a similar camera system assisted them in arresting dozens of violent criminals, but community members are still worried about the unintended consequences. 

“These spy streetlights generate massive amounts of data that allow for the tracking of people across the city,” said a man speaking during public comment.

After the board makes their recommendation, the city council along with the mayor will have the final say.

The SDPD were hoping to get the program started by summer, but now it will be delayed.