CHULA VISTA, Calif. — Several Chula Vista residents staged a protest Saturday, commanding that city leaders reopen the popular Harborside Park.

Dozen were seen gathered outside the fence at 670 Oxford St., with many holding signs that read “Save Harborside Park!”

These residents are voicing opposition to the city’s idea of replacing the beloved park with high-density housing.

Last year, the 5-acre park was closed by the city after it was overrun by homeless encampments.

Though city leaders initially planned on reopening the space, they voted in May to investigate the possibility of declaring it as “surplus land” that could be sold to developers.

“Taking it away from our children and our families now just to put more housing — that’s going to bring more families that are going to need parks,” said Myssie McCann, the wife of Chula Vista Mayor John McCann. “There’s no reason whatsoever that these families should have to drive 10 miles away to go to another park.”

Some Chula Vista children have even expressed their with position on the issue with some attending a city council meeting regarding the debate.

Currently, four out of five councilmembers support an investigation into the proposed development. There’s no word yet on when a vote will take place.