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CHULA VISTA, Calif. – Chula Vista police on Wednesday released the latest update in the search for Maya “May” Millete, the wife and mother of three who has been missing since January.

In the two weeks since the last update, investigators have interviewed one more person, bringing the total number of interviews to 71, including family members, friends, neighbors and witnesses. Two more search warrants also were written — upping the cumulative total to 54 — and police say they’ve received five more tips related to Millete’s disappearance.

“These tips have come from the local community and from around the country,” Chula Vista police Lt. Dan Peak wrote in the emailed update. “Most recent tips continue to include possible sightings of May in different areas of the country.”

Investigators have not named a suspect in the disappearance, but as of July 22, police said Millete’s husband, Larry Millete, was named a person of interest in the case.

On Monday, an unredacted gun violence restraining order filed against Larry was unsealed. In it, investigators showcase photos of weapons laid out on a table at Millete’s home. Among the 16 weapons were two illegal assault weapons, three pump shotguns, a rifle with a scope and five handguns.

The report additionally states that the three minor children in the home “had the combination and access to the safe where the firearms were stored.”

In a pair of text messages to FOX 5 this week, Millete said, “I pose no threat,” arguing that the photos were “illegally seized” the first time police searched the home in January and that their children are “always safe, happy and healthy despite the situation.”

“I am finding out how questionable the justice system can be and how it can easily be manipulated by authorities in order to violate your rights,” he wrote in the messages. “GVRO created as a witch-hunt towards gun owners to disarm anyone even by hearsay by anyone who may not like you.”

According to police, the Millete home has been searched three separate times since Maya last was seen: Jan. 23, May 7 and July 1. Another search warrant also was served at a relative’s home on April 1.

The gun violence restraining order was served to Larry Millete on May 7.

“Investigators continue to review multiple items of evidence and are going over thousands of pages of data in the hopes of finding May,” Peak wrote in Wednesday’s update.