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CHULA VISTA, Calif. — October is National Pedestrian Safety Month, and police departments are out warning walkers, riders and drivers of the significant increase in pedestrian-related accidents.

Officials pointing out pedestrian-related deaths are up 60% from 2010-2019.

“At the last second that I saw the car I gave a little hop, because I would rather go over the car than underneath the car,” said Gary Desrouilleres, a victim of a hit and run.

Desrouilleres was nearly killed by a hit-and-run driver in 2021 while leaving a concert near the sports arena.

The Chula Vista Police Department is reminding people of protecting each other with the simple basics of road decency.

“Drivers, we are asking people pay extra attention when you’re out there, when you are in parking lots. When you’re behind that wheel, everyone is your responsibility,” Sgt. Tony Molina said.

There were 92 pedestrian accidents in Chula Vista in the last two years, and out of the 22 severe accidents incurred, only one was in a crosswalk.

Traffic officers say if people play by the rules and pay attention, no one should be hurt.