CHULA VISTA, Calif. — Chula Vista police led an operation to check on nearly 300 sex offenders in the city, with officers busting some for failing to follow the rules.

The operation focused on sex offenders in the Tier 2 or 3 categories which means they pose a greater risk to the public.

A quick search on the Megan’s Law website shows the nearly 300 sex offenders in the city of Chula Vista. Officers say more than half of them are in the higher risk categories.

“It’s a concern,” neighbor Sylvia Diego said. “It worries me about that. It just worries me.”

Chula Vista police, along with other agencies including the District Attorney’s Office and the U.S. Marshals, conducted an operation to make sure the sex offenders were following the law.

“To make our community safe,” said Sgt. Joel Monreal of the Chula Vista Police Department. “To make sure our sex registrants are where they tell us they live and all the other information they provide to us is correct and accurate.”

The operation found 14 were out of compliance and one arrested on a felony warrant.

Parents in these neighborhoods are concerned.

“We have Megan that walks to school and now we have concern because we don’t know what homes these sex offenders are at,” Diego said.

According to the District Attorney’s office, there are about 4,500 registrants across San Diego County. Diego says after finding this out she won’t let her granddaughter walk to school alone. 

“It’s obviously alarming but I always do, you know, keep aware of my surroundings, so if I see that something’s off, I would know who to call,” neighbor Megan Romero said.

Chula Vista police says more than 150 registrants were in compliance.