CHULA VISTA, Calif. — For a sixth year in a row, Chula Vista is highlighting and amplifying Hispanic heritage and doing so together as a community. The city celebrated downtown Saturday night at the Memorial Bowl Stage.

“We’ve got people of all ages, we’ve got generations here,” Chula Vista mayor Mary Salas said.

Hispanic culture was on full view with performances, education, as Hispanic Heritage Month kicks off.

“The music, listen to it, brings you life, brings you excitement,” attendee Jose Olvera said.

People were out celebrating their history, sharing values most important to them with the community.

“We are bringing steamed tacos, they are called tacos al vapor, in Mexico. This recipe is a 60-year-old recipe made by my family down in Tijuana,” said Fernando Sepulveda, who owns El Rey Taco a Vapor.

Sepulveda brought his grandma’s decade’s old recipe across the border to share that culture with Chula Vista.

“When I see a line like this, to me it reminds me of my grandmother a lot…this is the main reason we are doing this, I want to keep this recipe alive,” Sepulveda said.

Honoring heritage, history and achievement together as one, is praised by many.  

“We are all brothers, we are all Latinos, we move forward, we prosper, but more than anything, enjoying the brotherhood of all the Latino communities that are gathered in this beautiful country of USA,” Estrada said. 

The city said they will continue to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month by honoring their Hispanic employees, including on their social media pages.