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CHULA VISTA, Calif. — The Chula Vista City Council voted unanimously Tuesday to extend the city’s eviction moratorium.

The moratorium has been extended until August 31, unlike other cities like San Diego, which extended its moratorium until December.

The City of Chula Vista housing manager said many renters have been prioritizing paying their rent during the pandemic.

“84% said that they were prioritizing rent with only just a handful of those 35 [landlords] really having issues,” said City of Chula Vista Housing Manager Leilani Hines.

Hines detailed the rental assistance available to renters and small businesses struggling to pay.

“The termination of the $600 a month additional unemployment insurance benefit could really affect that ability to pay the rent but on the other hand, I’m really amazed how the residents of Chula Vista have really paid made paying their rent on time a priority kudos to them great sacrifice to those families,” said Chula Vista Mayor Mary Salas.

One councilmember raised concerns about some taking advantage of the eviction moratorium. Landlords like Belinda Lu say her tenant is still working but hasn’t paid rent for the past seven months.

“He stopped communicating he changed the lock,” said landlord Belinda Lu. “He started raising a dog which he’s not supposed to and I have no way to get him out of there.”

However, the City Attorney said under the moratorium there are protections for both renters and landlords.

“There is a recommendation percentage that they should pay based on ability to pay and there’s also requirement that they report monthly to landlord of what economic are,” said Chula Vista City Attorney Glenn Googins.

The city council extended the eviction moratorium until August 31 saying they could extend it once again if needed.