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CHULA VISTA, Calif. — People in the South Bay are raising concerns over the conditions at Harborside Park which still remains closed.

On Tuesday, the Chula Vista City Council voted not to move forward with reopening the park, as it will remain closed for council staff to do more research on how it can successfully reopen.

“They would like to see on the future park site included classrooms, a water feature, exercise opportunities and a playground,” said a city staff presenter commenting on what survey respondents would like to see at the park.

The council viewed a presentation of what the community what like to see at the re-imagined Harborside Park.

“My concern now as a former principal and former ghetto kid, what is going to be done to improve the arts for the children and their safety?” one community member said.

The proposal would include resurfaced basketball courts, a ranger station on-site, wrought iron permanent fencing and security signs and cameras.

“It will be safer,” Chula Vista City Mayor John McCann said. “It will have a ranger station that will allow the park to make sure that we won’t see what happened prior in the past. We are hear to keep a park so it’s safe for families, safe for children and safe for community members to enjoy.”

The council was also considering whether to use American Rescue Plan Act funds to help reopen the park.

Harborside Park has been closed due to criminal activity and homeless encampments.

“Health and human services, they should foot part of that bill of all these funds you’re spending trying to reopen that park but until Health and Human Services goes away that park will remain unsafe,” said one community member during public comment. “That short little fence is the only thing protecting a thousand children in the elementary school from the drug abusers.”

The park will remain closed in the meantime and council did not have a timeframe for when staff should be back with their new research.