CHULA VISTA, Calif. — The City of Chula Vista has a new councilmember after a controversial selection process.

Alonso Gonzalez is the city’s newest city councilmember, representing district three. Gonzalez is a broker with a background involving land use and development.

Council could not agree on any of the 10 candidates at last week’s meeting, which was the reason for Tuesday’s special meeting. Gonzalez received no nominations from the council just one week ago.

“I will not take this opportunity for granted and wow, what a what a process,” said Gonzalez after being sworn in.

Gonzalez was nominated by councilmember Andrea Cardenas and supported by councilmembers Jose Preciado and Carolina Chavez for the majority votes needed.

Residents were so upset about the perceived “front runner” last week, they even held a protest ahead of the special meeting opposing the possible selection of Devonna Almagro. Almagro is currently a communications director for County Chairperson Nora Vargas.

Those who rallied said Almagro lied about her education on her resume and her residence in Chula Vista came into question. Much of the public comment surrounded that topic during Tuesday’s special meeting.

Stephen Padilla vacated his seat after being elected to the state senate leaving the council to appoint a new member. However it was a contentious process; when narrowed down to 10 candidates last week not a single candidate could receive the majority of three votes needed.

Candidates Nimpa Akana and Tanya Williams came up time and time again from district three residents, but in the end Gonzalez scored the seat.

“I think it’s appropriate for this to have been a selection based on a tough process and compromise because I think that’s what good local government takes as its backbone,” Gonzalez said.

Mayor John McCann was the only councilmember who did not vote for Gonzalez. He proposed a special election to allow the community to decide their candidate, but he did not receive any support from the council.