Chula Vista City Council approves spending on police vehicles


CHULA VISTA, Calif – Chula Vista City Council unanimously voted Tuesday in favor of purchasing more police vehicles. 

The move comes as cities across the country are facing pressure to divert some money from police departments and allocate funds to social programs. 

A total of 160 people commented on the agenda item that received a 5-0 vote. More than 100 people disapproved, while nearly 50 people said they were in favor. 

The city will now purchase 22 hybrid vehicles to replace an aging fleet.

Chula Vista police officers told the council they currently have eight vehicles out of service and that number expected to rise by the end of the year. 

The purchases will be funded by Measure P, which received 64% of the vote by Chula Vista residents. The measure is intended to strengthen failing infrastructure.

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