CHULA VISTA, Calif. — Chula Vista City Council considered annexing 1,869 acres from San Diego County to Chula Vista’s city limits at its meeting Tuesday night.

The council voted unanimously to pass a resolution that shows their support to annex the property, but this does not mean the transfer has begun. The transfer is now in the hands of the San Diego County Local Agency Formation Commission, which handles the rest of the annexation plans and public hearings, before making a final approval.

The property that would be annexed is known as Otay Ranch Village 13.

“Otay Ranch Village 13 has always been intended to be part of the city of Chula Vista and the impacts that the Village 13 will have will be substantial to our residents,” councilmember John McCann said.

Chula Vista Mayor Mary Salas says the property was “always meant to part of the city.”

“This is nothing new, so we will just have to let the process work out,” said Salas, who noted the process can take a long time to be approved.

A representative from the developer Baldwin and Sons was at Tuesday night’s meeting and spoke in favor of the annexation, but declined to do an interview with FOX 5 after his public comment.

“We’re very excited with this first step of Village 13 and potentially bringing it to the city of Chula Vista,” Nick Lee with Baldwin and Sons said during his public comment. “The residents there they are going to feel like Chula Vistans, they are going to use city services, they are going to play little league.”

However, the potential annexation does not have everyone’s stamp of approval.

“We’re the firefighters of San Diego County Fire Protection District and we stand adamantly opposed to this annexation,” said Patrick Walker, vice president of the CAL FIRE Firefighters of Local #2881.

Walker said he wants to see the housing development move forward in the area, but would like the property to stay San Diego County’s property and not be annexed into Chula Vista.

“It’s definitely not over, that’s our property, that’s our jurisdiction, we would not go into the city of Chula Vista and ask to take 1900 acres of theirs,” Walker said.

“I believe most of the residents will want to make sure that they get top notch services like our fire, like our police,” councilmember John McCann said during the meeting.

After the meeting, FOX 5 talked with Walker, who responded to McCann’s comments.

“For them to say we’re not going to provide as good as service as Chula Vista fire, that’s not right, we are going to provide the same, we’re all brothers and sisters of the fire service, we have a great relationship with them,” Walker added.

According to the City of Chula Vista, the property owners, Lakeview 1 LLC and Lakeview 2 LLC, c/o Baldwin and Sons and Moller Otay Lakes Investments LLC submitted an application to the San Diego Local Agency Formation Commission requesting the annexation on Sept. 27, 2022.